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At ChemSouth, we are a full-line chemical distributor with package sizes ranging from rail car, tank truck, and tote to a 55 gallon drum in an multitude of different products. We pride ourselves in delivering these products to our customers when they need them at a price that is very competitive. ChemSouth can stock products at their warehouse facilities that a customer may need next day or in some cases the same day. This allows our customers to minimize their inventories.

We work with some of the biggest domestic suppliers in the chemical industry. We are also very aware of more and more products being produced overseas. One of our main focuses as we look for value for our customers is to explore China and other foreign markets to find quality products at a much lower price than current domestic producers offer.
We are able to pass those saving on to our customers. Our full product line encompasses over 250 chemicals, including surfactants, solvents, food grade chemicals, phosphates, peroxides and alcohols.
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Our customers come from a variety of industries and use our products in everything from food grade products to making paints, cosmetics and hand soaps. Our customers range from the boat builder that uses one drum of acetone per month to the textile plant that buys five truck loads of product a week.

ChemSouth currently has warehouse locations in Charlotte, North Carolina; Toledo, Ohio; and Chicago, Illinois, which allows us to ship anywhere within the United States. While our primary focus at this point in time is from the Mississippi River to the east coast, plans for other stocking points are being considered as well.

What sets ChemSouth apart from the larger chemical distributor is its attention to detail and personal service. Also, as a smaller family owned company, ChemSouth does not have to maintain expensive overhead, making it a low-cost leader within the chemical distribution industry.
This low cost position allows us to pass more savings on to our customers.

ChemSouth's goal is to be "Your First Choice for Chemical Sourcing".
Please contact us today to see how we can assist with your chemical requirements.


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